Joyco is above all a family story.
Joy is the worthy heir to a long line of jewelers, nearly 4 generations with her aunts, uncles and her mother Corinne, hence the name Joyco, the fusion of love and professionalism between a mother and her daughter.
Corinne and Joy have joined forces and creativity to create Joyco.
Each piece of jewelry bears the first name of these emblematic women.

The Brand

Joyco is a jewelry brand playing with grace and allure on the trends of the moments, with glamour and color accents.
The collection is made up earrings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches.
All the jewels are selected with love and precision to sublimate you.
Joyco jewels are gold/silver plated and all stones are set and not gluted.
The jewels are hypoallergenic nickel-free.
Because you are beautiful, express it with Joyco jewelry.